Here are some resources to help with integrating Maori Language and custom into our learning about space.

1. The words and translation to the song Aue Rona

Followed by a pdf from TKI lesson plan for Rona story-Myths and Legends – Rona and the Moon (years 3–4) [Arts Online].pdf

2. The outline of the story of Rona and the Moon.

3. The story lends itself well to drama, dance and digital story telling.

4. The first is Kelvin Road School singing Aue Rona- the story of Rona and the Moon

5. You Tube Video- how Maui Slowed the sun- iby Rachel Boyd's Class and Nelson Central

6. Maui and the Sun by Sarah Taylor's class in Manawatu

7 ICT TIP- if you want to download a YOUTUBE VIDEO type KICK in front of it and pick you format that you would like the video in or Put that link in your toolbar to just have the YOUTUBE video to watch without the extra distractions and advertisements.

8. Maori Vocabulary that you are likely to come across in daily activities and stories- please add to this resource as you find resources.....

Ra- Sun / Day

Te Marama- The Moon

Papatuanuku- Earth

Po - night

Takurua- Dog Star

Nga Whetu- stars

Rangi- sky

9. Sites that might help with research

Maori Star Names

Te Ao Hurihuri- the changing world.

Te Ao Hurihuri is a downloaded package of resources in te reo Mäori intended for use in Mäori medium teaching and learning environments. The products are designed to meet New Zealand curriculum standards at levels 3 and 4 across a number of curriculum areas.
Te Ao Hurihuri video is an 8-minute interpretation of the Mäori creation story told with narrative, live action, animation and music.
An A5 size illustrated book telling the Mäori creation story. (A set of 5 books is included creating a set of readers.)