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I know that we are in the Milky Way Galaxy. By Jessica

I know that the planet Jupiter spins the fastest because I checked in a book. By Taine.

I know that no one has found life on any other planet. Emily.

I know that there is a robot on Mars now looking for life. Olivia. Nice Olivia- great that you were able to add to our learning page from home. Well done AK

I know that there is a storm on jupiter and I think it is called the red dot.By Bella - we couldn't see the red spot on Jupiter from Mr Knowles' telescope but I did like it that I could see the four moons of Jupiter. Well done Bella for finding your way to our wiki and writing what you have found out. Way to go, Bella.

I know that the sun is 11000 degrees F (6000 degrees C) just like Taine and I checked in a book.By Tullamore.

I have learnt there are black holes in every galaxy.
George I'm certainly glad that there are no black holes too close to where we are! Allanah

That's great Tullamore- it's good that you managed to check your learning in a book or two. Allanah

Someone tried to edit this page and accidentally deleted all the text. It's a good job I can go back in time and fix it. Allanah :-)

Black holes get there name from all the light inside by jessica

If all the objects in the kuiper belt joined it would make a planet the size of earth.By Carl